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On April 13th, 2003, I became a co-designer here at LissyDesigns. My name is Aundrea Leigh, but my friends call me Alee or Babydoll. I have a diary here, feel free to drop by! Im Lissy's best friend, and now her co-designer as well. Im a 17 year old chick living in TN, born on 3-30-86. Ive got auburn hair, hazel eyes, Ive got a wonderful boyfriend named Chris, and I love HTML, sleeping, chatting, being online, being silly, reading, typing fast, web design, and talking on the phone.

If you need to contact me, you may do so in the regular guestbook, or at this email or at this guestbook. :)

Layouts by Alee

Once We Kiss
This is Me
Bad Ass Penguin
Kiss from You
I need to find me
Lotta Britney
Britney Where You Take Me
Mary-Kate and Ashley
Charmed, ft. Alyssa Milano
Ladies of Charmed
Kelly Clarkson

Christina Aguilera 'Impossible'

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