Lissy Designs is dead. The screenshots dont work on most, the images dont work on most, I no longer have images, so please dont ask. Its dead, folks. Sorry.

In a few days, most of the screenshots on LissyDesigns will disappear. And many of the images that were on Ranchoweb's servers are also gone. I announced almost 7 months ago that Ranchoweb was closing its free hosting and that youd need to find elsewhere to host your images. Try

Also, just to let you know... theres another great designer in town, who designs similar to me and who happens to be my best friend. She and I worked together and learned together, so please go visit her... aleedesigns. Tell her Lissy sent ya.

Otherwise, Im doing alright, working alot and just staying busy. Take care, all. I miss you.

In the past year and a half Ive learned a lot of things. And one of those things was HTML, and how to create a layout. Web design, how to make graphics and how to share what Id learned with everyone on Diaryland.

I learned to make people happy, by designing requests and popular layouts, like Avril or Christina Aguilera. I learned to correspond with diarists, help people put up their layouts, and teach other aspiring web designers the ropes.

I also learned that people could be mean and selfish, vindictive and petty. I learned that my world of fun diary designs could also be a world of unfairness and hate. Many times Ive been told how badly I suck, or how I have no business designing, or how a link to me doesnt need to remain on a layout because you cant copyright HTML.

In the past year and a half, Ive also learned many life lessons. Ive fallen in love and broken up, my Gramma passed away, I quit my job of 2 and a half years, I started taking care of my Grampa full time, I loved and lost again, and recently taken on a job I love. My life has had many ups and downs, and Lissy Designs is only one of them.

Once upon a time, this site was my child, I loved it and nurtured it, adding as many layouts as fast as I could, for everyone to love as much as I did. I liked making people happy, sharing with them what little knowledge I had. I liked being known for doing something so nice, taking my own time and creating designs for diaries.

Lately, that is the case no longer. Everyday I am insulted in my guestbook, through hateful comments or stolen layouts. I am tired of arguing with people that it IS theft when you change a font and a color and call it yours. I am tired of the drama, the bullcrap, the haters and the way diaryland has become as of late.

It breaks my heart to type these words, but from here on, Lissy Designs is closed.

The Gold Membership for Lissy Designs expires in about 20 days. I will not be renewing. The layouts that are here now will stay, for a while, anyway. I highly doubt there will be anymore. And if there ever are, it will be a long long time in coming. I just dont have the drive, nor the heart for this place anymore. I am tired of people passing judgement on me when they have never spoken one word to me. I am tired of being taken advantage of. I am just tired.

To those of you that have remained faithful and remained true to me and Lissy Designs, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are what has kept me going, all this time. You are what I strived to make happy. You are why I started this all.

And to the rest, I am sorry I could never satisfy you, nor completely ignore you. Its hard to be put down each day and still remain strong. But I tried my best. But I do have to say, that one day youll get yours. What goes around comes around, tenfold. Trust me.

Its been swell, Diaryland. Take care of yourselves. Ill miss you.

All my love,

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